Frank jons , End-in-train of the color in the middle indu

It is at 1535° Creative Hub that we find the painter Frank Jons. The place, a place devoted to artistic creation, displays a somewhat iconoclastic mine in the Luxembourg landscape. The artist has made it his landmark and teaches us a little more about this place referring to the industrial heritage of the city of Differdange.

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Frank jons, when painting becomes one

I’m coming in front of Frank Jons’ workshop, a cell at 1535 in Differdange where artists and creatives from multiple disciplines rub shoulders. The opportunity to discover his artistic universe, his influences and his way of working. This artist reveals a world of his own, an approach to painting that is truly one with him. Frank Jons is a painter resolutely anchored in his works.

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Frank Jons: chromatic explosions!

He could have ended up as a partner in an auditing firm, but a job interview convinced him to follow his true calling: painting. Interview.

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A Saturday Night with Heavy Petrol

Radio 100,7, Décembre 2020 ​

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Heavy Petrol & Frank Jons

Kuk 2020 Music & art! KUK invites an artist for a live painting performance at the Aircheck Session with radio 100,7 and the Kulturfabrik.

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“Frank Jons is a painter and his organic, random, marble-like paintings fascinated designer Feyrouz Ashoura to such an extent that they decided to develop a texture merging the two disciplines together.”

Model: Lauryane
Makeup: RAYAL Makeup
Hair: Victor Talarico & Yann Turchi
Location: Belval, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Wunnen : Un artiste et son atelier – Frank Jons

Juin / Juillet / Août 2017


Vernissage au Lycée de Garçons Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg

Uelzechtkanal, 11 février 2015


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Der „Farbenrebell“

Tageblatt, January 24 and 25, 2015 Aktuell sind im Escher „Boys’ High School“ farbenfrohe and large format Werke von Frank Jons zu sehen. Weder Studien noch die siebenjährige Berufstätigkeit als Finanzleiter deuteten zunächst auf eine Künstler-Karriere hin. Malerei war für den 1964 in Boulogne-Billanvourt (F) geborenen Frank Jons zuerst nur eine Feierabendbeschäftigung … Read more


Formal antithesis

La Voix du Luxembourg, October 6, 2010 On the one hand, Eric Corne, at the same time curator, author, professor, observes and reinterprets the history of art or cinema, on the other hand, Frank Jons, whose artistic content is intended to be devoid of any immediate reference. The two artists share the walls of the two distinct spaces of the Nosbaum & RedingArtContemporain gallery. Discovery of two palettes for the first time exhibited in these places. Read more

The color rebel

Luxemburger Wort, April 10, 2010 Fans of the jubilant painting of Frank Jons risk being surprised and somewhat destabilized by the artist’s recent productions presented in the Corniche space of the Nosbaum and Reding gallery. Read more

Rites of Spring

d’Lëtzbuerger Land Nr. 10, March 12, 2010 For all those who are longing for a spring that is terribly late this year, a trip to the Scheiechlach is a must: the floral explosion of Frank Jons’ paintings that the Nosbaum & Reding gallery is currently offering will do them good. Read more


The very colorful artistic universe of Frank Jons

La Plume Culturelle, November 3, 2009 At the Metz Octave Cowbell gallery, the artist Frank Jons offers the public a very colorful and intense vision of his work. An exhibition which began on October 29 and is open until November 21. An artistic style that will not leave visitors present indifferent. Read more


A show that finally has unanimous support

Luxemburger Wort, November 17, 2008

Friday evening, the public went to the CarréRotondes to discover the 2008 vintage of the Salon du C.A.I. in a space finally in its image as a laboratory of artistic creation.


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Magic of color and poetry of wood

Luxemburger Wort, May 18, 2006

Bringing color to life, intensely, freely, such is the aspiration of the painter Frank Jons for more than ten years. Bringing wood to life is the vocation of sculptor Jean-Léonard Stoskopf. Both are exhibited at the Rectoverso gallery in Rodange.


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At the fair of happiness

Luxemburger Wort, June 21, 2005

Exhibited for the first time at the Crédit Lyonnais in Luxemborug, the works of the Franks Jons stands out, playing on the strength of an artistic gesture placed between color and line in the playful context of their symbols.


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Random graphic structures

Luxemburger Wort, February 9, 2004

After experiencing the hundredth edition of the Salon d’Automne in Paris, but also the Hong Kong International Fair and the “World-Nasse Gallery” in New York, winner of the Actée French gallery prize and present since 2003 at the Villa Vauban as a participant in the Salon du Cercle Artistique from Luxembourg, Frank Jons is installing his works until the end of February on the walls of the Société Générale Bank.


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Serene violence

Luxemburger Wort, July 24, 2002

The room exudes harmony: by juxtaposing the luminous canvases of Frank Jons and the sculptures made of Tidis wood, the Foto Trade Gallery in Beggen has created a perfect balance. The forms, sensual and pure, respond to each other; colors and shades oppose each other.


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Burnt umber colors

Luxemburger Wort, June 28, 2002

To say that Frank Jons likes colors would be to do justice to his painting attitude young, optimistic, dotted with chromatic mechanisms simultaneous to the dynamics of the sign. Conceived as a state independent of the mass of meanings carried by the figurative axis of the painting, the color used by Frank Jons provides evidence of a local landscape…

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